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Dad Spank And Fuck Daughter

Dad Spank And Fuck Daughter

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Recipe For Whipping Cream - Wild spanking at doc's office Sarah Gregory Spanking
21:01, 2014-Oct-17

Recipe For Whipping Cream

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recipe for whipping cream


recipe for whipping cream

recipe for whipping cream

recipe for whipping cream

We are sure you don"t want to miss these nasty and dirty shots with salacious blonde getting wildly spanked right at the doctor"s office! Having got naked this obedient chick speechlessly takes the punishment when the cruel medicine slaps her ass with hands and also rubber gloves! Watch this gallery now!

Wild spanking at doc

Wild spanking at doc"s office Sarah Gregory Spanking

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REAL TEARS, REAL PUNISHMENT, REAL GUILT, REAL FORGIVENESS!!!!! Sarah s scene Momma Dana Specht punishes Sarah for a real life infraction. Sarah was texting and reading emails while driving. This was careless and eratic behavior and because her Momma loves her she needs to punish her... Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn t much fun and she d rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she s sick, then informs her that Sarah s mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes... Mommy is at her wits end with Sarah s bad behavior and announces she is being sent to a private boarding school, where punished girls receive bare bottom spankings. To show her what s in store for her, mommy turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. Go back to the days in the 50 s when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking. In this video, Sarah Gregory is once again Momma Dana s unruly daughter but she thinks she is a perfect angel. That is, until Momma comes home from work and finds her over her Uncle Givan s knee getting a bare bottom spanking...

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